Aristech Acrylics, LLC is a market leader in surfacing solutions, serving both solid surface and acrylic sheet applications, from counter tops and wall panels to bath/shower and hot tub shells to indoor and outdoor signage, among others.

Our involvement in the development of acrylic sheet technology actually goes back to World War II, when David Swedlow, eventual founder of what is now Aristech Acrylics LLC, played a major role in making the strength and clarity features of acrylic sheet the natural choice for use in fighter aircraft canopies and windshields.

Aristech Acrylics is currently one of only three acrylic manufacturers that can produce a continuous cast sheet. Here in our Florence, Kentucky plant, we have four continuous casting machines. Each of them is longer than a football field...and capable of producing acrylic sheet products up to 110 inches wide, in almost unlimited single sheets, and on reels. Our products take many forms...from clear sheet to opaques, metallics, granite finishes, translucents and composites. Back in 1969, when we first came on-stream, we had an annual production capacity of 12 million pounds. Today's expanded and modernized plant outputs up to 100 million pounds a year!

Product innovation has always been one of our trademarks. We pioneered improvements in sheet thermoforming and composite laminate technology. We were the first to produce an acrylic sheet product that thermoforms into a granite-like texture (Quarite). And we have been leaders in advancing solid-surfacing technology. Our Acrylics color library contains over 140 different colors and our solid surface offering is the broadest in the industry.

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